For Parents and Caretakers

What Happens?

What happens when the child that you are responsible for is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? The world seems to turn upside down with all of the new medications, devices, and facts you have to remember. It may seem hard, but don't worry. The Type 1 Diabetes Explained resources are great for older children and adults and can help you learn about how to manage this new condition. Additionally, the T1DKids series (which is currently under development) will specifically focus on teaching younger children. As always, everything is always available to you completely for free, with no restrictions, forever.

About the T1DKids Curriculum

The T1DKids Curriculum will be a comprehensively designed curriculum geared towards children ages 5 through 12 which helps explain the important aspects of type 1 diabetes. Every lesson is complete with student guides, activities, entertaining videos, and interactive games on our website as well as an instructor guidebook to help coach children through the curriculum and provide positive feedback.