About T1D Explained

Nearly ten million people around the world live with type 1 diabetes and thousands more are diagnosed each year. Luckily, with dedicated and careful management type 1 diabetes doesn't have to limit a person's life, but learning and practicing how to effectively control type 1 is no easy task. Unfortunately, not everybody has access to the comprehensive and detailed diabetes education programs that make this management possible. 

That is why Type 1 Diabetes Explained was created: to provide helpful resources to help you or you loved one manage type 1 diabetes and to help fill the educational gap sometimes left by outpatient education. From entertaining videos filled to the brim with colorful animations to worksheets and charts outlining carbohydrates and insulin, every resource is carefully developed and edited to be as beneficial as possible. 

Ensuring Accessibility for Everyone

All resources here on Type 1 Diabetes Explained are free for everyone forever since knowledge about how to treat a medical condition and live a healthy life should always be easily and freely accessible.

Additionally, advertisements, sponsorships, or paid endorsements will never appear on this website, in the video series, or any  T1D Explained resources in order to provide an objective and unbiased approach to managing and treating type 1. 

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