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Season 2 is Coming!

Featuring brand new videos covering a wide range of topics, you won't want to miss them! From discussing more in-depth details of the disease to new ways that you can treat it, you're sure to learn something new! Not only are there new topics to learn about, but also sleek new 3D animations (some in virtual reality!) and more activities on this website! Currently, the first episode of the new season is scheduled for December 15th at 3pm EST (this day and time may change).

Type 1 Diabetes Explained for Kids

The YouTube video series is design to keep everything as simple as possible; however, many of the concepts related to diabetes are highly complex. This new curriculum is designed specifically with kids in mind. The images and language are simple and the lessons focus just on what kids need to know. It's still in the development stages, but be on the lookout for the first phase of the release!

What if...

What if managing your type 1 diabetes was easy? What if it was simple to count carbohydrates and dose with insulin? What if it wasn't such a hassle to keep track of what you have eaten? That is why Type 1 Diabetes Explained exists. Diabetes doesn't have to be something that is keeping you from reaching your full potential nor does it have to be something that you have to think about every second of every day. Type 1 Diabetes Explained's mission is to make these 'what if' statements become a reality. These resources are designed to help you manage your type 1 diabetes and better control your blood sugars all while living life to its fullest. The explanatory videos are complete with information you need to know without confusing you with the information you don't. The worksheets, activities, and charts help you practice necessary skills such as carbohydrate counting and insulin dosing and can help you keep track of what you have eaten in a simple, easy to understand way.

The Mission:

To make living a healthy and happy life with type 1 diabetes easy and accessible for all.

Type 1 Diabetes Explained was created to provide free resources including videos, review questions, charts, logs, articles, and activities about everything type 1 diabetes. Every resource was built from the ground up and is always easy to understand and use. Yes, there are tons of resources about type 1 diabetes out there, but it seems like you need a medical degree to fully comprehend many of them. That's why these are different. The video series currently boasts almost an hour of clear and colorful animations guiding you through the ins and outs of diabetes, with many more videos in production. I hope you find these resources helpful, and your life easier through them.


Christopher Esther

T1D Explained Founder and Creative Director

The T1D Explained YouTube video series outlines many aspects of living with type 1 diabetes and how to better manage your blood sugars while still enjoying the activities you like to do! Colorfully animated and designed, these videos provide helpful information understandable by all ages!

Often you are taught how to do certain things such as counting carbs or calculating insulin ratios and then never have any chance to practice before doing it in real life. The written resources give you the practice to master those skills along with charts and logs for tracking carbohydrates and insulin doses.

Learn about new topics in addition to the video series great for expanding your understanding of type 1 diabetes and all that goes with it!

The videos always come with specially designed review questions to help ensure you understand what was discussed in the video. These are available in an easy to use online formate so you can review and study for as long as you want!