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Many of the concepts related to diabetes are highly complex. This new curriculum is designed specifically with kids in mind. The images and language are very simple and the lessons focus just on what kids need to know. It's still in the development stage, but be on the lookout for the first phase of the release!

Curriculum Specifications

The T1DKids Curriculum will be composed of ten individual lessons, with each lesson based around one important aspect of managing type 1 diabetes and one of the characters below. Children will earn a "badge" for each lesson they complete and by the end will be able to receive one very large, customizable special badge.

Meet the T1DKids Crew!

These little fellas will always be around whenever you need them to help explain type 1 diabetes to a young child in a fun and memorable way!


Pumpernickel is always there to remind kids that you can still eat carbs with type 1. Happy and outgoing, he helps teach children the value of a balanced diet and eating appropriate amounts of carbohydrates while still enjoying the foods they love!


Gala can be a person with diabetes's best friend. She is a master in helping use fruits and vegetables as a method to keep hungry kids full while adding some fresh variety and healthy foods into children's diets.

Mr. Penn

Mr. Penn is the insulin emperor. He helps kids understand the complex world of insulin and what role it plays in their bodies as well as how, when, and how much to dose for meals.

M. Brane

A professional when it comes to the human body M. Brane helps teach about the wonderful world of the pancreas and the effects that type 1 diabetes has on the body. In addition to the effects of insulin, he helps kids understand the longer term effects of type 1 and how to avoid them.


People with diabetes must watch their blood sugars, and Lily teaches kids how to do so safely. She also helps them understand that their blood sugars do not define who they are!


Rodger helps kids remember that they can still be themselves even with diabetes and that sports and other activities can still be the same!

Miss Kare

Miss Kare knows the value of a professional opinion. She reminds kids that the doctors always know best and that they are always ready to help them with any questions they may have!


Techie helps children appreciate the importance of the always-improving technology that help monitor blood sugars and deliver insulin. She helps instruct them on how to stay safe when using these new inventions.