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General Sources

Season 1

What is type 1 diabetes?

Insulin and Injections with Type 1 Diabetes

How to Count Carbohydrates

Rights and Advocacy with Type 1 Diabetes

CGMs (Continuous Glucose Monitors)

How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes

How a CGM Works

Insulin Pumps: What They Are and How They Work

Sports and Exercise with Type 1 Diabetes

Top 10 Myths About Type 1 Diabetes

How to Tell People You Have Type 1 Diabetes

Medical ID Tutorial

Travel with Type 1 Diabetes

Illness with Type 1 Diabetes

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

How to Lower High Blood Sugars

How to Raise Low Blood Sugars

Season 2

What are Autoimmune Diseases?

More Practice Carb Counting

What is DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis)?

The Holidays with Type 1 Diabetes

What to Know About People with Type 1

How to Create a Medical ID on iPhone

Season 3

All About CGM and Pump Patches

What is A1c (and how to control it)

Skin Care with Diabetes

Navigating Fake Diabetes Treatments